Participants Saniaa Halliburton and Tamia Jones intervened with Fincher Denmark LLC summer 2022. Many thanks to Mr. Winston Denmark and his team who welcomed our participants aspiring to pursue careers in the legal industry.

Both interns were treated with respect and provided the support necessary to make this a meaningful learning experience. As a result of this experience, Tamia frequently refers to herself as Jone Esquire.

Saniaa, who is quiet on most occasions, conducted some research for a case that was on the firm’s summer calendar. She did such a remarkable job that her research findings were inserted into the attorney’s court presentation.

This experience has give both ladies hope and confidence that their dreams of becoming lawyers is possible and attainable. At Nourishing Hands we are intentional about forming partnerships, because we want to not provide opportunities. Our goal is the the opportunity is the right fit for both our partners and participants and that both parties find the experience valuable.


About us

Nourishing Hands Inc is an organization serving youth ages 14-24 from monitories and low income community in Georgia.

Our Approach

NHI services are vital to the development of productive citizens and leaders. Our holistic approach ensures that participants receive real-time and practical resources to assist in their transitions to adulthood. Our program also provides redirection for those who behaviors may threaten themselves and society.