There are several ways to volunteer today! All volunteers must
successfully complete a background check.

View our volunteer roles below!

is an eight-week volunteer commitment. The facilitator is an individual who is an experienced professional in the areas of one of our four initiatives: Education, Employment, Financial Literacy, and Wellness. This individual will become thoroughly familiar with one of our initiative's instructional content and facilitate weekly interactive (virtual) sessions with participants for one hour on Monday (5:00-6:00).

 is a fourteen-week volunteer commitment. Small group mentoring is an extension of our Employment Initiative. The purpose of small group mentoring sessions is to expose participants to various career industries while providing support to help them develop and navigate their own paths.  NHI does not provide a curriculum for small group mentors, rather, we ask the mentors to create an outline or a small course that will be used to guide the sessions. Small group sessions are held bi-weekly on the 2nd and 4th weeks of each month on a flex Monday-Saturday schedule.

 is a one-hour commitment in which the individual represents a career industry and provides an overview of the industry while answering questions that may arise.  We have four Guest Speaker Volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Individuals who assist will commit to a certain amount of hours or the duration of the entire event. These individuals assist in various capacities. ranging from setting up and breaking down, facilitating, serving meals, etc. Volunteers sign up for the event of their choice and are asked to arrive at the requested time for each event.

This is an as-needed not to exceed three hours monthly working and updating the organization's website using the jumlo platform. As updates are needed a staff member will provide the necessary information to be published on the website.

A full program year (September- May) volunteer commitment. The task is performed on an as-needed basis with a total of ten volunteered hours a month. The person may be working on multiple tasks simultaneously.  The tasks may include responding to emails, helping to coordinate events by reaching out to partners and sponsors and providing support to the executive director to ensure projects are executed properly and deadlines are met.
Is a full calendar year volunteer commitment. Each grant writer is required to log twenty-hour of grant research, potentials, and or submit proposals by gathering and formatting information and writing drafts. Reviewing and responding to RFPS. They will also gather proposal information, write, revise and edit drafts including executive summaries, conclusions, and organization's
Is a year-round volunteer commitment. This volunteer will perform research on current benchmark trends and audience preferences, design and implement social media strategies to align with organizational goals and set specific objectives for each platform with the organization's presence.
is a year-long as-needed commitment. Services will be needed for all events and occasionally other organizational imagery. This volunteer is tasked with taking clear, dynamic photos for print materials and online content. Duties include setting up backdrops, lighting, and equipment to prepare for a photo shoot or video recording, directing subjects to capture the perfect images, and editing the photos to remove blemishes and correct lighting issues. Requires 100 hours of service yearly.

About us

Nourishing Hands Inc is an organization serving youth ages 14-24 from monitories and low income community in Georgia.

Our Approach

NHI services are vital to the development of productive citizens and leaders. Our holistic approach ensures that participants receive real-time and practical resources to assist in their transitions to adulthood. Our program also provides redirection for those who behaviors may threaten themselves and society.